1. Introduction

Once we have coded our app and tested it in an emulator to confirm it works as expected. It’s now time to get the app running on a phone. We can do this by copying the app's JAD and JAR files to your phone then installing and running the app.


Structure of Project

2. Structure of J2ME Project

Nokia IDE provides an inbuilt structure of all the supportive files for app. We write Applications for the desktop and Applets for web browsers , similarly we write MIDlets for mobile devices. Nokia IDE for Java ME(Micro Edition) Provides us a predefined hierarchy of File Structure, in which we can store our midlet as given below:

The above navigator shows the file structure of our project. The same file structure is followed by IDE for storage of files in workspace.


3. Deployment Procedure

If the result shown is same as shown in Emulator than CONGRATULATIONS! our first app has been sucessfully deployed on Target Device.

Now we can run the self created app on the Nokia Asha Mobile Device !

Video Link

4. Video Link For Nokia Asha Phone

  1. Create and Code your project


5. References

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