1. Introduction

The installation of Nokia Asha SDK is quite easy, you donít need to do much care about it, just follow the simple steps and Nokia Asha SDK be installed in your system.


2. Installation Procedure

Step 1 Open the link:

Step 2 Select Nokia Asha SDK 1.1 Online or Offline installer for the target devices new Nokia Asha 500, Nokia Asha 502, and Nokia Asha 503 or as per requirement.[Refer Figure 1 in Snapshots]

Step 3 It will prompt for the login id. For both the downloads, we need to create the logIn id on Nokia's website i.e . Create the login Id. [Refer Figure 2 in Snapshots]


we can Sign in with an existing Id and download the same by using below link :

Nokia Asha SDK 1.1 :

Step 4 : Check the Nokia SDK in installed programs. [Refer Figure 3 in snapshots].


3. Snapshots

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Video Link

4. Video For Nokia Asha Phone


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