1. Introduction to Nokia Asha Phone

Nokia Asha Phonesare based on Asha Series. The Asha series is a range of low-end smartphone and feature phones produced by Nokia.The word "Asha" is adopted from a Sanskrit word meaning "hope".We will explore the working of Nokia Asha phone through this secton of Mek website.

Generations of Nokia Asha Phones

  • First Generation :
    The Asha 305 and Asha 311 models are known as the first generation of Asha Full Touch phones.

  • Second Generation
    The second generation is the Asha 50x line.
    All devices up to the Asha 50x series run the Series 40 operating system, also known as S40. The Asha 501 (released in May 2013), Asha 500, Asha 502, and Asha 503 (announced on October 22, 2013) are powered by the Nokia Asha platform, which builds on S40 and Smarterphone.

All devices up to the Asha 50x series run on the Series 40 operating system, also known as S40.

Series 40 : Series 40 Software platform is the application user interface on Nokia´s mid tier feature phones & its Luxury Vertu line of devices. It is the worlds most widely used software platform. Series 40 is based on “Nokia OS” or officially known as ISA ( Intelligent System Architecture ) Platform. Series 40 supports only programs based on Java ME (micro edition ). Series 40 is also much simpler than the S60 counterpart which is based on the multitasking “Symbian OS”.
There are currently 19 mobile phones in the Asha range. None of the Asha models have GPS functionality. All Asha phones include an FM radio.

Development Tools

2. Development Tools

These tools are provided by Nokia for Asha Phone Development

2.1 Nokia Asha SDK 1.0 (Offline installer)

Nokia Asha SDK is built to work with the NetBeans and Eclipse IDEs. In addition, it also provide the Nokia IDE for Java ME. Based on the Eclipse platform, Nokia IDE makes it easy to create apps for Nokia Asha smartphone and earlier phones based on the Series 40 Developer Platform. The IDE provides features for coding, testing, and packaging mobile Java apps.The latest version of Nokia SDK is is Nokia IDE 2.0 for Java ME. It has support for six new API's as given below::

  • Nokia Notification
  • file selection
  • image scaling
  • network state
  • contacts
  • phone settings

Tool Chain

3. Tool Chain

All the tools you need for Nokia Asha Phone is available in its SDK. The final Nokia Asha SDK 1.0 (Offline installer) Updates is available. This update installs into the Nokia Asha Phone to provide additional APIs, Intellisence support and emulator feature designed to help target phones with ---- of memory such as Nokia Asha 502. It includes IDE, simulator for desktop environment and other tools for UI design and development. It is based on Series 40 for UI Design.

Development Language J2ME (Java Platform Micro Edition)
IDE Nokia IDE for Java ME(Eclipse) V2
Simulation Nokia Asha SDK 1.0 Emulator
UI Design Series 40

Video Link

4. Video Link For Nokia Asha Phone

  1. Nokia Asha OS Review


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