Name of Project : Speak My Voice

Overview : There is a huge need for advancement in technologies for disable persons. They also deserve their share of happiness which comes to mankind due to advancement in science and technology. But the problem is they are not getting what they deserve.

There are very few technologies available for disable persons. More importantly most of the technologies available are for made for blind or handicap people. No as such technology is available in the market for a “mute” person which could be affordable by a common person and also most of the technologies are under development.

Comparison between existing and proposed system

Sign language Artificial Larynx Speak My Voice
It uses manual communication and body language to convey meaning. The device uses touch sensors, the Palatometer, to covey message. Just a touch of a button is required for the communication.
It does not require any device as an intermediate. It requires two devices as intermediates. Only one device i.e. a mobile is require.
Receiver´s full attention is required for proper communication. Receiver´s full attention is not required for proper communication. Receiver´s full attention is not required for proper communication.
It is not very interactive way of communication. It has limited interaction. It is very interactive.
It is not expensive. It is expensive. It is not expensive

Proposed System

This app allows mute or dumb people to "speak" pre-programmed text macros and their own words using text-to-speech. Most common mode of communication of mute people is through “sign language” but the problem with this is that it’s not very interactive and secondly not everyone understands the sign language making it of limited use. The app overcomes these problems to a certain extent by providing user to communicate with the society with a more interactive way than before.

The app will provide "pre programmed text macros” that would be sufficient for a person to interact with people on daily basis and there is an option which will allow the user to type whatever he/she want to say if he/she does not find in the pre programmed text macros. To make it a little more interactive a “translator” is available in this app so the user can mix up with its environment more comfortably by speaking.

An option for Emergency calling will also be added so that a person can call someone for the help in an emergency.

How "speak my voice" will overcome the disadvantages of Existing System

Tools and Technology

Selection of Technology :

This work of ours has been built on Windows platform.
Windows phone is expected to have more market in future. The tool chain and the simulator provided are really very efficient. Moreover, unlocking of this high security phone is quite easier.

Selection of Software Tools

This is Integrated Development Environment(IDE) used for developing Windows Phone7 applications . Within the Visual Studio IDE one can create applications for WP7 using C#, Visual Basic , or XNA


In this section the system design is explained with the help of flowcharts. These flowchart details on how the application runs displaying all the features . Then the next section describes testing ,its objectives and the various types of it. Selection of appropriate testing technique is done and the various test cases are explained using it.


Designing system that satisfies all the parameters simultaneously is a complicated task. All the technologies have their own merits and demerits. Although this system has taken care of few of the drawbacks of these existing technologies such as reduction of cost and power consumption,ease of use etc but it also has few limitations. These limitations are as follows:



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Under the guidance of :
Dr. SRN Reddy, Associate Professor, IGIT