Name of Project : Application to Access Student Portal on Windows Phone

Overview : This document is designed to provide information necessary to use student portal. Students will be able to view their college information, previous year question papers, notifications, Exam Datasheets, important dates etc. right on our mobile devices. This application can be used as a real world application by any organization. It makes it easier for the students to have access to their information, and can easily go through previous year exam question papers. As today&s generation is much found of using cell phones, and tend to avoid using computers. So, by this application they will be notified about the important dates, and other stuff on their phone itself. Students can easily and conveniently get information about the date sheets for exams, and other academic particulars.

Existing System

Existing software :

  1. The student portal is the part of the new Campus Management System (CMS) of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
  2. This student portal is created to the students of GGSIPU to access the related information
  3. The user can access the student portal for the following
  4. General Info
  5. Academic Details
  6. Exam Details
  7. Fee Details
  8. Hostel Details
  9. Attendance Details
  10. Assembly Attendance Details
  11. Subject wise attendance
  12. Hourly Attendance
  13. Session wise attendance
  14. Leave Statement
  15. On-duty Leave Statement
  16. Out of roll statement
  17. Syllabus Details
  18. Teaching Notes

In existing systems the students can register and post their quires and the other students who registered already may answer for them by opening a website portal courses, exams, details, mark sheet, any announcements all displayed on computers, which is time consuming and slow functioning. Different links provided in existing system through which a new website open for info. User logs into site with email address and password Users can register with his/her details like name, branch, year of passing etc.

Allows user to enter email address and get password if they forget password


Limitations of existing system:

How to overcome the limitations of existing system:

Project Plan

Project Plan :

This document will include a timeline for the project and an estimation of the cost for completing the project. Cost estimates will be calculated using the COCOMO estimating methodology. The process will include the following phases: Inception Phase, Elaboration Phase, Production Phase, and the Transition Phase.

Inception Phase : The inception phase will concentrate on the project?s overview and its requirements. This phase will include the production of a Vision Document, a Project Plan, a Software Quality Assurance Plan, and a simple prototype of the application. Each of the four works will be approved by the committee before continuing with the project.

Vision Document : This document will include the overall project description and the critical requirements. It includes its goals and purpose. Also it has graphical models that are used to describe the system, and use cases to illustrate the main functionality./p>


In this section the software code flow is explained with the help of flowcharts. These flowchart details on how students can check out the announcements and question papers and all other information related to their university using mobile itself and not opening any website. Then the integration of the hardware and software is explained with the help of a diagram and few tests are performed on different modules to test the functionality of the system.


Limitation :


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Under the guidance of :
Dr. SRN Reddy, Associate Professor, IGIT