Name of Project : Blood Donar Database System

Introduction : Blood Donor Database is developed for an online centralized web-portal where blood banks and hospitals can look for donors in their nearby area who will be available in quick time. Similarly, blood donors can also look for blood banks and blood donation camps in an area nearest to them to donate blood.

This application will make the job easier for blood donors and blood receivers.

This work will help all the blood donors and receivers to find each other easily and accomplish their cause. The user can simply register by entering some personal details such as name, e-mail, organization name, address and phone number. An account for the user will be created and he/ she can login to get the required information. The most useful feature of this application is that the donor or the receiver can find each other in the area specified by them. The private information of the donor will be kept confidential and only registered organizations and authorized personnel can access it, only if the donor gives permission to access it.

Existing System

Kanobe Fredrick submitted a project report to School of Graduate Studies. Its main objective was to create electronic blood donor management information system in order to assist in the management of blood donor records, planning and share information in confidential, convenient and secure way using modern technology. Its specific objectives were to conduct a study on blood donor management, to design an electronic blood donor management system and to validate the design using a prototype. It focused more on the acquisition, distribution and management of blood units for BDR activities. It specially emphasized the creation and implementation of an electronic management information system that automated blood donor data acquisition and dissemination of results.

Proposed System

From the above discussion it is concluded that designing a blood donor database system that satisfies all the parameters simultaneously is a complicated task. Each proposed methodology has its own merits and demerits. However, there is still a possibility of designing a cost effective system which has an improved performance in most of the respects that will work optimally in many different applications.

A new blood donor database application is proposed. In this application, the donor as well as the blood bank can simply use the handheld device and register themselves on the application. The donor can see blood bank information, find a way to his nearest blood bank via maps and will be updated about blood donation camps via text messages sent by the blood bank or call the registered blood banks. Also the people in need of blood can see available blood banks in their nearby area and call them to get information. Blood banks too will get donor information segregated by their blood group and can send them a text message i.e SMS whenever they need blood. The proposed system is more efficient and easy to use than the existing application.


The purpose document is to describe the external behavior of the Blood donor database. Requirements Specification defines and describes the operations, interfaces, performance, and quality assurance requirements of the Blood donor database. The document also describes the nonfunctional requirements such as the user interfaces. It also describes the design constraints that are to be considered when the system is to be designed, and other factors necessary to provide a complete and comprehensive description of the requirements for the software. The Requirements Specification captures the complete software requirements for the system, or a portion of the system.


This section explains the hardware and software of the system and its implementation.


Software The programming language used for the application is visual C# in IDE visual studio 2010 express for Windows phone. User writes his code in visual C# language on the editor and then builds the solution in the windows phone emulator. The Visual Studio 2010 Express for windows phone and the windows phone emulator are used to create and build application.



The conclusion is that we have a better system which will help in better interaction between the blood donors and the blood banks. This application has a wide usage and will encourage donors to donate blood.

Following are the contributions of this system towards this cause:


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Dr. SRN Reddy, Associate Professor, IGIT