Name of Project : Fest-O-Fiesta

Introduction :

Just after starting the application There would be a user interface offering 6 buttons ( Register ,Events timeline, Contact for, Downloads, Sponsors & fiesta, Central Attraction) with each button there would be associated popup menu, dynamic form, pdf downloads ,contact persons details that would be associated with the content that the category would hold in itselfthen there would be buttons for exit/back and further menu (containing submenu-customization options) The app would be dynamic in nature since every new registered student and any new registration requires the database updating for the maximum possible nos. for each event, events already taken, sponsors and offerings made, etc. etc.

A dynamic form feature will be there for registration:

  • Details like-name, contact no., email address, event interested, why this, previous experience, remarks/expectations (any)
  • The link to download this app.
  • Link to the official website for the fest and college
  • Sharing options on social networking sites.



Hardware Requirements
External Interface Requirements
Hardware Interfaces
The three main interfaces are:-
Engineer/local server (to fetch data asynchronously).

The User logs in from the main page by entering the username and password. While he has entered he is directed to his Home page which shows all resources.
Software Interfaces

Software Requirements
Microsoft visual studio2010 and Expression Blend4 with sdk make (usually only required for Windows)
User Interfaces
Are built using the various features like Panorama and Pivot controls


The "COLLEGE FEST APP" is designed to provide a web based application that would make searching, viewing and selection of an event easier for anyone whether guest or student or faculty. The application provides an easy and convenient way to look for things and information; which a user can get for any event of the fest interactively. The application would save time as it allows number of students to register for any event on any day at the same time and updates the database as the registration process completes. So no need to wait for any official paper work and signature or validification. Administrator has a privilege to create, modify and delete the events and Its particular sections. User can register, login and receive a unique-id after the success of the registration process.

The application can be used for any College Function/Fest. It is easy to use, since it uses the GUI provided in the user dialog. User friendly screens are provided. The Application is easy to use and interactive making fest a recreational Activity for users. It has been thoroughly tested and implemented.


Submitted by:

Under the guidance of :
Dr. SRN Reddy, Associate Professor, IGIT