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Other Projects:

1) Name of the Project: Human Sense: Towards context aware sensing,inference & actuation for application in Energy & Healthcare
Sponsoring Agency: ITRA (MHRD)
Fund: 240 lacs (2013-2016)
Lead Institute: IIIT Delhi
Collaborators: IIIT Delhi

2) Name of the Project: Development of Embedded Systems Course Curriculum
Sponsoring Agency: Intel,India
Fund: 1.5 Lacs (2013-2015)
Lead Institute: IGDTUW
Collaborators: Interested Institutes are invited

3) Name of the Project: Design & Innovation Lab
Sponsoring Agency: MHRD
Fund: 10 cr (2014-2017)
Lead Institute: IIT Delhi
Collaborators: IIT Delhi, IIT Mandi, IIIT Delhi